Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Club Pogo Weekly Challenges 7/19

Blooop: Make 15 VERTICAL matches of 4 or more discs this week!

WordJongâ„¢: Earn 4,000 tokens this week!

Pogo Events for July 19

2:00PM PST/ 5:00PM EST/ 10:00PM GMT
Premium Badgers! "I Heart Badges
Lottso: Scratch N' Match Badge
Any Members Only Room that begins the letter "N" under Topics Tab

5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST / 1:00AM GMT
Club Pogo Social Amazing Mini Show and Tell
Wonderland Memories
Word is Pogo has a special guest tonight! Mind your manners because this guest put an "N" in etiquette. Any Members Only Room that begins with the letter "G" under Topics Tab to show off your amazing mini!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Am I Nuts?

I knew we'd get some interesting e-mails just not so early. "Are you nuts?" was the subject. "A whole blog about a game site? Are you lonely or just nuts?"

Hmm, thanks for reading the whole blog. Guess you missed this one. While I am probably off a few notches on the mental meter, I don't think I am certifiable just yet. Lonely? Yeah I wish. A husband, a child, a few animals, a job and some seriously annoying family members don't allow for loneliness.

I simply thought a blog for Pogoites would be fun. Meeting others who share your interests is always a plus in my book. So, one who thinks I'm nuts, stick around and play some Pogo. Bet you'll be lovin it in no time.

Pogo Events for July 18

3:00PM PST / 6:00PM EST / 11:00PM GMT
Premium Badgers: Now THAT'S a Challenge! Badge Album
Squelchies: Sea Horse Badge
Any Members Only room that begins with the letters "D," "F," or "G" under the Topics tab to meet other Club pogo members working towars badge.

7:00PM PST / 10:00PM EST / 3:00AM GMT
Pogo Social: Away From the Kids!
Panda Pai Gow
Any of the game rooms that begin with the letters "C" or "D" under the Topics Tab.

Pogo Lovin' E-mail

We received a great e-mail concerning one of our earlier posts
"Thank you for saying that!I get so angry when someone says Pogo people have no life!We cetainly do!i work and have 3 kids. Pogo relaxes me and I can keep in touch with my sister in France without running up the phone bill.I've met great people on pogo and even have my husband adn kids playing.I'll be back here!P.S. didn't know about pogo events thanks for introducing me to something new.Pogolover2"
Thank you Pogolover2, don't forget to send your Pogo pals this way!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Million Token Giveaway Ending Soon

The Million Token Giveaway will be ending on July 20th. Hurry up and spin the wheel for a chance at a million tokens and other great prizes!

Pogo Events for July 17

12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST / 8:00PM GMT
Pogo Social: "Exotic Pets
Vaults of Atlantis
Any game rooms beginnning with the letters "O" or "P" under the Topics Tab to meet others with exotic pets.

3:00PM PST / 6:00PM EST / 11:00PM GMT
Weekly Challenge Social! Peaks of Peril Badge
Tri-Peaks Solitaire
Any Members Only Room that begins with the letter "G" under the Topics Tab to play with other Club Pogo players working on the badge.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pogo Lovin' Blogroll

Are you a Pogo player? Do you have a fabulous blog? A killer smile? Send us an e-mail and provide us with the name of your blog and we'll put you on our Pogo Blogroll! (Blog does not have to be Pogo related.)

*To verify that you are an actual pogo member, we ask that you also provide us with your Pogo screenname. It will ONLY be used to verify you are in fact a Pogo member. Once verified, your screenname will be permanently deleted.*

Pogo Players Have Lives Too

Playing Texas Hold 'em last night, a fairly new Pogo player felt the need to state in open chat that anyone with more than 20 million tokens was sad and had no life. While I have a few million tokens to go before I hit 20, I found her announcement to be silly and misinformed.

The average pogo player has a life, whether it be hectic, laid back or lonely. They have careers, kids, love to dance, sing and laugh. They also love games, connecting with family and friends and meeting new people.

As one professional woman I know said, after 14 hours at work pogo is her stress reliever. Just a chance for her to veg out and have fun.

How is it sad that a gaming community can make lonely people feel not so alone, relieve stress for professionals, enable families miles from each other to stay in constant contact or give an at home mom a much needed break?

Sad...I don't think so. Now losing 200,000 tokens in Hold 'em and being spanked with a straight flush by your best friend when you are holding 4 sweet Aces is a whole other story.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pogo Events For July 16

Premium Badgers:
4:00PM PST / 7:00PM EST / 12:00AM GMT
What's Your Sign Album
Sweet Tooth - Capricorn Badge
Members Only Rooms that are not Temporary Rooms under Topics Tab.

Pogo Social:
7:00PM PST / 10:00PM EST / 3:00AM GMT
Rainy Day Spider Solitaire
Any game room that starts with the letter "H" under Topics tab.